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On Saturday, October 25, 2014 1:02:50 AM UTC+1, Jack Campin wrote:[color=blue][color=green]
> > I must admit that the best wine I ever had was a very aged
> > Champagne that apparently cost over 100 (provided by a friend!) -
> > and I normally don't even like Champagne.[/color]
> The best I can recall was in the early 1990s in north-east Turkey.
> We had a picnic on the riverbank at Tekkale (near Artvin) where
> two furious torrents meet. The Soviet Union's closing down sale
> meant that busloads of Georgians were coming over the border to
> sell stuff and prostitute themselves. At the Georgian market in
> Yusufeli, we got a bottle of wonderful Azerbaijani pink champagne
> for about 2 quid and a jar of caviar to go with it for 50p, together
> with a fresh loaf of local bread. Yum.
> On checking out the prices you'd pay in the UK for similar caviar
> when we got back home, it seemed we'd eaten 200 pounds' worth for
> lunch.
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A party of us once bought (deliberately!) 4 coffees and two soft drinks from one of the St. Mark's Square cafes in Venice. That was also 200+! But we were expecting it - it was a long arranged special occasion.
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