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On Saturday, October 25, 2014 10:27:09 AM UTC+1, Martin wrote:[color=blue]
> On Fri, 24 Oct 2014 11:45:58 -0700, "EvelynVogtGamble(Divamanque)"
> <evgmsop@earthlink.net> wrote:
> [color=green]
> >
> >
> >poldy wrote:[color=darkred]
> >> On 10/23/14 5:26 AM, Martin wrote:
> >>> [url]http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/news/watch-what-happened-when-food-critics-were-unknowingly-served-mcdonalds-9812768.html[/url]
> >>>
> >>>
> >> Also suspect if oenophiles did blind tastings of expensive wines along
> >> with some mass market wines, they may not always reliably pick out the
> >> cheap stuff.[/color]
> >
> >I once lived near a tasting-room/sales outlet for a California winery.
> >Astonishing how fast "taste-before-you-buy" will wean you away from the
> >cheap stuff![/color]
> I got very badly caught by a taste before you buy in a winery in Cochem in the
> Mosel Valley. What we tasted was excellent what we bought was filth.
> --
> Martin in Zuid Holland[/color]

Shame, I love Cochem.
We once enjoyed a superb ad hoc winefest in a cafe lower down, just outsideCoblenz.
A reverse experience. Bored stiff in Lagos, Nigeria, I went into a grotty cafe (and grotty in Nigeria means GROTTY), ordered a meal I knew from past experience I'd like and - what the hell - a bottle of vino which I fully expected to be vinegar. Despite all the transport and storage in impossible heat, it turned out to be one of the best bottles of Beaune I think I've everhad!
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