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Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
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Predefinito Morning Stars

About Morning Stars

Morning Stars tells the story of the Seraphim Angel Saruviel of the Realm of Eternity and his questioning of the sovereignty of God. Opposing Archangels Michael, Gabriel and the hierarchy of the Realm of Eternity, Saruviel ultimately forms his own faction of angels to do things in the 'Way of Freedom'. In an act of separation which is ultimately understood but still judged by God, Saruviel forms a distinct community but is charged with seditionand sent to the underworld with his Seraphim supporters.

Morning Stars is Volume 1 of the 'Chronicles of the Children of Destiny', an amazing saga of the lives of the Angels and Children of God. Interweaving the heavenly realms and the angelic manifestations in human form on earth, the Chronicles is an unfolding saga spread over countless generations.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 6
"Knowledge. Knowledge was useful, or so Saruviel had been told. In his visits to the library of Zaphon, and in his many conversations with Davriel and Cimbrel, it had oft been stressed to him both the importance and usefulness of knowledge. Important, as it explained the mystery surrounding things, and useful because of the many applications that such knowledge brought.. Whether that was from the complexities of mathematics and design to assist in building objects, or the different types of roots from plants that could help in the use of cooking various dishes, knowledge, in whatever form was useful, and to be sought after as something valuable.

Of course, prized most highly by the Seraphim was knowledge of Torah. It was Torah, so it was said, that explained the greatest of all mysteries, thespiritual realities that governed their universe. Of that being the truthdid Saruviel have no doubts. Torah had been a strong reality that governed the living of his life. In the principles expressed, Saruviel found answers to the many questions that he had and, as well as that, a sense of meaning and purpose. He studied it each day, as he had done for many years, and was familiar with each verse, each word virtually. In it he could find no fault. As much of it that he did understand he agreed with, and the rest of it he sensed to be in perfect harmony with the other, though the full comprehension of it was something that he could not say that he had. All that being the case, it was Torah that for so long had been the rock in his life that he had built around.

However, in recent times, thing, in some ways, had changed. It was not that the torah no longer spoke to him. It did. But there was something else.An uneasiness in his heart, in his soul. Something which he did not havethe words to explain, but something that none the less was there, eating away at him, demanding an answer."

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly began Morning Stars in 2000 while working for theAustralian Quarantine and Inspection Service. It took 5 to 6 years to complete Volume 1, but the following volumes so far have come in something of a rush.

The website where they can all be read free of charge online is:

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