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Vecchio 10-03-2005, 20.10.47
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Predefinito Re: Warsaw or Krakow mid-April ?

That's what I heard also about Krakow that seems much more on the move. A
type of city complex, former capital of poland rich for cultural, arts and
social life activities.Warsaw and Krakow are not very far from distance
however, only 2 hours 40 min. with Intercity train and 30min by plane I
Thanks for your advises.what hotel were you in do you remember?

"Stagshrine" <Stagshrine@nadir.com> a Úcrit dans le message de
> On our first trip to Poland the lady sitting next to me on the Plane was a
> Warsaw resident. She was appalled to think that we were going to Warsaw.
> She was quite enthusiastic when she found out we were only changing planes
> in Warsaw for Krakow.
> Krakow is one of our favorite cities. It is certainly one of the most
> beautiful. It is also a University Town. If you are looking for young
> people and clubs and social life Krakow is great.
> Warsaw was falttened during the Second World War. Everything there is
> reconstructed. Krakow has many Historical sites.
> --
> "These are the times that try men's souls." Tom Paine
> Stagshrine
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