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Vecchio 10-03-2005, 19.13.55
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Predefinito Re: getting to Duino

On 10 Mar 2005 [email]bogdan.glumac@ijs.si[/email] wrote:
> Might as well. It should take like ten minutes to Duino. But, you'll
> skip Trieste, which is also a nice town. Trieste used to be imperial
> (austro - hungarian) port no.1 and it should be nice to explore its
> center for a couple of hours.[/color]

True, and with its own literary associations... Where Joyce wrote at
least part of Ulysses, and home of Itale Svevo. I'm looking forward to
seeing something of it.
> ONE DAY for one of the most beautiful corners of the world? Just joking
> (but not about this being one of the most beautiful corners of the
> world, hehe).[/color]

I know, I know... but needs must and so forth. I have in fact been to
Venice and Padova before (which isn't to say I wouldn't go back, of
> Padova is also a beautiful town, so is Aquilea (the lighthouse of
> Christianity in this part of the world after the fall of Rome).[/color]

Hmm, Aquilea sounds interesting.
> What would be close in Slovenia? Maybe this:
> [url]http://www.park-skocjanske-jame.si/[/url]
> UNESCO world heritage. Breathtaking. When talking about Karst caves,
> there's another in Postojna (30 min from Trieste by car). Also
> something very special.[/color]

And will check this out, too.
> Have a nice trip![/color]

Again, many thanks


Jon Beasley-Murray Latin American Studies
[url]http://faculty.arts.ubc.ca/jbmurray/[/url] University of British Columbia

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