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Predefinito Re: Swimming pool for public use London

alkbra;1046215 Wrote:[color=blue]
> Király! Can you tell me where are you going to enjoy swimming in London?
> Do you know about the swimming pools of London where you can enjoy
> swimming free of cost? I just know little about it because my brother
> told me about Dolphin Square; but I am confused about it. Would you like
> to help me, let me know the list of the pools where I can enjoy swimming
> free of cost?[/color]

I have good experience in Dolphin Square. It is a perfect place to enjoy
the swimming. It is also an ideal place if you prefer your exercise at a
more leisurely level. It has 1,000m2 of carefully-planned floorspace and
17 meter pool that is design beautifully.

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