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I had occasion to take a trip to Amsterdam via P&O ferries this week,
out on 'Pride of Hull', return on 'Pride of Rotterdam'.

The ships are still fun, still full of surprises and still reasonably

The drinks are at about pub prices.

What's interesting is the differences between the two big ships.

Dinner on Pride of Hull is the usual 'good solid food' with little
that is adventurous but it's all served (cafeteria style as are all
the meals in the main restaurant) hot and it's all clean. The spare
ribs and the salmon en croute were especially good.

Breakfast was slightly disappointing with the fried eggs fried solid
and the bacon a bit soggy, but the range and quality of the fresh
fruit was spectacularly good.

Pride of Rotterdam was different. The crew were noticeably less
friendly and more officious, almost Germanic at times, dinner wasn't
as good and the range of Filipino dishes served as a contrast to the
Indian food often served on P&O ships not really working, for me

The puddings served on both ships were identical, but for some reason
the Pride of Rotterdam serves smaller portions. Goodness knows why,
you help yourself and can take as much as you like.

The cheese, and this is a bit odd, was noticeably better on Pride
of Hull, perhaps it's sourced in the UK and is a day older by the
time you get it sailing from the Netherlands...

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