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Predefinito Useful tip for ferry and cruiseship passengers

"JAITCH 2 hours ago
I ALWAYS wear a life-jacket when travelling in a boat - whether it's a little
skiff, my Zodiac or a cruiseship (cruiseships actually ask you to not wear

What with 'rogue' waves, wet decks and cold water it's the ;easy safety things
you can do.

Of you take a ferry boat from Piraeus Port to Milos and you a guy sitting on the
deck with a life-jacket, it's likely me.

Why? I was on the roll-on/roll-off (RORO) passenger ferry MS Express Samina that
collided with a reef off the coast of Paros island in the central Aegean Sea on
26 September 2000.

And I sailed on the Met Office Weather ships! (The crew were called 'cowboys by
professional seamen)."

Martin in Zuid Holland

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