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Greenhound;1046584 Wrote:[color=blue]
> Hi all,
> for travel in Europe is the best way [url]http://meinfernbus.de/en[/url] this
> Company ist the same like Greyhound. All Busses are Maximum three years
> old. with Wifi, Movies, Powerplugs (220 Volt some Busses have 220 and
> 110 Volt sleeperseat, Coffee Beverages Beers and Snacks on Board. Prices
> starts from 5,00 thats about 7USD
> best regards Lee[/color]

I also visited this link and found it highly informative and beneficial
for those who want to visit Europe in coming days. I have a plan to take
a Europe tour in vacations. Greenhound, would you like to tell me where
should I start my tour?

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