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Jack Campin
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> I must admit that the best wine I ever had was a very aged[color=blue]
> Champagne that apparently cost over 100 (provided by a friend!) -
> and I normally don't even like Champagne.[/color]

The best I can recall was in the early 1990s in north-east Turkey.
We had a picnic on the riverbank at Tekkale (near Artvin) where
two furious torrents meet. The Soviet Union's closing down sale
meant that busloads of Georgians were coming over the border to
sell stuff and prostitute themselves. At the Georgian market in
Yusufeli, we got a bottle of wonderful Azerbaijani pink champagne
for about 2 quid and a jar of caviar to go with it for 50p, together
with a fresh loaf of local bread. Yum.

On checking out the prices you'd pay in the UK for similar caviar
when we got back home, it seemed we'd eaten 200 pounds' worth for

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